Model:  TK-HPP4540A     
Colour: To be advised
Power: 55Watts
Unit Weight 810g
Product size: 45x40cm
Box size: 40.5x9x9cm
Carton dim: 56x37.5x42cm
Qty: 24pcs
NW: 19.4kg
GW: 19.9kg


❤Heating pad with timer and automatic power off: The dog heating pad has 5 timer options-always (default setting), 4H, 8H, 12H, 24H and adjustable comfortable temperature setting (86-131℉/30- 55°C). Equipped with an upgraded thermostat, which can accurately control the temperature and shut down when the set time is reached.
❤7-layer protection structure: This pet heating pad is composed of a soft velvet cover, waterproof film and UL758 heating wire. There are 7-layer protection structure to provide your pet with warmth and comfort.
❤High temperature self-destruction function: Especially with high temperature self-destruction function. Pulse power failure or improper use will cause focus heat, so we use a dedicated PTC sensor to track the temperature of each position, the heating pad will automatically stop working and no longer overheat.
❤Anti-bite rope and washable velvet cover: The heating pad for pets uses an anti-bite tube at the junction of the power cord. The wire rope is 2.1 meters long and can withstand 5 kg of pressure. The quick-drying soft cover can be easily taken out and washed by hand.
❤Comfort and warmth: This heated pet mat can be used in pet homes and nests, and also suitable for older pets, arthritis pets, newborn pets, pregnant pets or animals that have recovered from illness or injury. Help pets (dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.) stay warm and comfortable in the cold winter